Louis Vuitton Skin Beijing

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Discover the stunning architecture of Louis Vuitton's stores worldwide in Louis Vuitton Skin: Architecture of Luxury. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Paul Goldberger takes readers on an exhilarating journey, exploring the Maison's distinct locations from São Paulo to Seoul. Rather than adhering to a single design, Louis Vuitton's unique approach involves commissioning bespoke buildings with individual skins that evoke emotions and relate to their specific location. Each store's exterior is designed to offer the same appeal as the high-quality products within it, with a focus on creating a powerful visual experience. The book features stores with dramatically different expressions, highlighting the brand's radical rethinking of brand identity.

-372 pages
-245 illustrations
-English language
-Released in April 2023
-W 12 x L 15.3 x D 1.7 in
-Silk Hardcover

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